Our approach is intelligent by design, fluid by nature. Fluid is a substance that continually flows under an applied stress – smooth, flowing, graceful.

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The Fluid Training had a tremendous impact on my life. Throughout the training, I was gently invited to go beyond 'learning' yoga to 'living' yoga. I appreciated the way the training was broken down into Fluid mind, body and spirit.  It allowed me time and space to make positive changes. One of the best decisions I have ever made! –Elizabeth

In deepening my abilities and understanding of yoga , I have learned so
 much about myself as a person and path I want to pursue in life. I am excited to continue down this path and share this knowledge
 and teachings with new students. –Erin

Since I started practicing yoga 3 years ago, my life has gone in a completely different, more fulfilling direction. Stil Studio, Fluid Yoga, and the sangha that I became a part of are all something I could have never imagined - and I couldn't be happier. The support I've received in the last three years for teaching as well as developing my own practice blows my mind and I can only imagine what the next years will bring! –Caitlin

I am absolutely amazed at how Fluid Yoga has complemented and really amplified my meditation practice. The level of concentration needed to maintain balance and stability in the postures is incredible. It's given me a totally new perspective. It's a great lesson in focus, discipline, and a new found importance/appreciation of grounding your day with a meditation practice. –Andy